Dionne Smith, who is known as a prophetic and apostolic voice and leader in Canada, was born in England and moved to Canada during her childhood. A wife and mother of three, Dionne has always known things that as a child and young adult, could not articulate how she knew. Since childhood, she had a deep sensitivity for what people were feeling, but was not able to recognize the meanings of her vivid numerous nightly dreams as prophetic dreams, or understand that her ability to know or see something before it happened, was a gift she would later understand as prophecy. At the age of 15, she was led to Christ by the late Dr. Morris Cerullo and that night, experienced being miraculously healed of severe dyslexia. Since then, her life has been filled with miraculous encounters with God which she recorded and journaled and kept hidden, because many could not understand the details of her dreams or her ability to know things she would share about them.


Dionne’s profound love and dedication to Canada are evident, culminating in 2017 when she felt a compelling leading from the Holy Spirit to step out. In response, she initiated a women’s group which evolved into a national prayer movement from her home, and grew quickly thereafter. This group of faithful prayer warriors laid the foundation for what would now become Ruach Church, established in January 2022 after Dionne's graduation from RIG School of Apostles and Prophets in November 2021, where she was commissioned as a prophet by Apostle Greg Gervais and Prophet Tomi Arayomi.


In addition to founding and leading Ruach Church, Dionne has also founded the Ruach Prophetic Training Centre in Calgary, Alberta. This centre serves as a training ground for prophetic voices across Canada, emphasizing the need for prophets to be integrated within church pastoral teams and for churches to understand and support the prophetic ministry. Dionne believes there is a sound God wants to release in Canada through it’s own prophets, who have been hiding or forced into hiding and have been timid and silent.

The Lord revealed to her that Canada has both aborted it’s prophets and sent them out to other nations as orphans. But now the voices of the prophets are going to release prophesy over the nation and shift the outcome of the nation of Canada as it is being prepared for Christ’s return. Dionne currently oversees additional church plants in Winnipeg and London, with current plans underway to expand and plant additional Ruach churches in British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Quebec, and New Brunswick.